My first longplay

Last updated on 10 years ago

Last week I started replaying a game out of nostalgia, and decided to record it on a whim.

I didn't even think of doing a longplay video, but that's how its turning out now.
I just edited the first part of it, and uploaded.

Legend of the Red Dragon II

Then I thought to myself... Hey, maybe others are doing it as well? :-)

So I just found this site 2min ago with a google search.

My video doesn't meet the requirements of submissions of course, as I just read them seconds ago.
But I might redo the rendering at some point to fit.

Anyway, I wanted to write it here, and ask what you think of the game and the general idea that I tried there, which is adding music (the original game had no music) and additional ANSI art from the same time period (example at 33:45 in the video), to increase the atmosphere of the viewing.

If I'll re-render for the site I won't use the music or the ANSI of course, and will keep it original as it was first created.
Do you think this game should be on the site?

Thank you.
I don't know the game, although it is a strange and old looking thing ;) One of the primary rules of our longplays is that it should be the original game as bought. No mods, no additional music, no texture packs. Only official patches that may provide the above.
I think it would be a worthy game to post up here but like Mad Matt says, you have to play it with the original content only.
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