Planned site update 1-2 Aug

Last updated on 13 years ago

I know there have been a long time since I updated the site with new videos.

But I have good news. I have been "worked in the background" with a new web-based-administration for the site. This is a big a step forward. As with this it will be also possible for others than me to update the site with stuff in the future!

Also a lot of another cool features will be added :) .. More about that later.
wonderful!!! :-D

we wait... thank you...

...consider my donation soon :-D :-D
Claudio :-D
This update are going to be delayed. After checked every movie on site (for cleaning up broken links). I noticed many links where broken. The place where I host most(many) of the videos made changes. Now it's not possible to link directly to a file from the site. Also they cut down filenames, and its not possible to upload .mkv files anymore!

I have e-mailed them 2 days ago about the problem. Still no answer. I'm going to call them on monday.

I don't know any other good hosting companies that gives you 100 Gb of storage and unlimited bandwidth for 20€/month.

Recommendations are welcome!

Everything is finished on my side now. But I choose to wait to include it till they have fixed the problems.

O well, back to the update..

I can tell you already now about some of the new features:

The biggest news with this update is the web-based administration. As I have said before it will now be possible for others than me to update the site.

Another good thing is that the videos are now linked to the user. Which means the player can change the data for their video (like the comment). There also another options like "Allow only registered users to download" your file, upload new screenshot, add download links and some more cool things..

Other new features is:

* Add to favorites
* Most popular list
* Highest rated list
* Better search engine
* Better looking templates
* Download counter
* Report "broken download link"
+ Some other small things. Likea clean-up of broken download links :)

Is there any disadvantages with this update?

Yes a few, here are some of them:
- Comments posted on YouTube doesn't display on site.
- There where 2 screenshots for each movie. Now there will be only 1.
- Ratings are reseted
- All comments lost

I can fix these things, but it will take time so I maybe don't.. we will see!


Also they cut down filenames, and its not possible to upload .mkv files anymore!

Hiho !

I don't know if this helps... I simply tried to rename a "mkv" file to "mp4" and it works fine.
Well, I'm looking forward for the update! :-D

Well, we could I guess, but the another two problems are still there..

To explain the problem go to this link:

First file for example is: Amiga Longplay [454] R-Type.mp4 if you download it it will be renamed to [Amiga Longplay [454*. without file extension! So people who download the file need to rename the file before they can use it. Also right-click-save doesnt work (you will only get a file on a few kb).

The only solution I have now is to zip every file like etc. But that's the last thing I want to do.

There is so many new things with this update so Im not going to list them here. Just browse around and see the changes for yourself.

If you find any bugs or have any ideas of new features then let me know :)

So far have I teached RickyC how to add new videos. He is doing a wonderful job. He have already added a lot today :) He is Awesome!
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