Classic X-Com

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Try the classic X-Com games:

X-Com: UFO Defense
X-Com: Terror from the Deep
X-Com: Apocalypse
Eino said he might plan on doing UFO Defense with OpenXcom, but that was said about a year ago in a comment I made.
I did start the first X-Com. But haven't gotten around to finishing it.


JagOfTroy wrote:

I did start the first X-Com. But haven't gotten around to finishing it.

Do you think it's ok to use OpenXcom for UFO Defense. I'd like to see it longplay through it though maintaining much of the overall look of the game. OpenXcom fixes many of the "bugs" in the game and has a few minor changes and many optional modifications that you'll probably be keeping off. Some of the nice changes include:

Transport Craft item limit is removed, instead items stored on craft still count toward storage space.
Ammunition is totaled after a battle, used clips have their rounds distributed to fill the rest and any remaining used clips are lost.
Soldiers on the battlescape appear as they would in the inventory screen in terms of skin and hair color.
On the soldiers screen is a button for memorial screen, listing the soldiers that died fighting the aliens and their date of death. You can also enable death notifications in battle.
Option in the workshop to set a certain manufactured item for unlimited production and/or auto-sale.
Option to force fire if you have no line of sight by holding down Ctrl and performing the firing order. Best used with autofire.
Ability access soldier inventory in base view and to set and apply an inventory template to soldiers.
Multiple radar systems do work together to detect aliens, small radar system works with large radar system together, radar systems still obsolete with Hyperwave Decoder.

BTW, I would like your longplay to have the first mission lose no soldiers.
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