Latest Bizhawk Build

Last updated on 9 years ago
From time t time I will build a version of Bizhawk if it has any useful changes or fixes. These should be considered beta builds and not official releases and are built from the latest additions and changes. Sometimes they will break features and cause other oddities. If you are working on a tas or longplay it is not advised to update until you have finished rendering your video as sync issues are likely to occur.

You can see a list of the latest changes here:- Bizhawk Github and also any official release builds can be downloaded from here as well.

So if you are feeling lucky and want to give a recent test version a shot, I have made it available on google drive to download. No firmware is included so you will have to find that yourself for any systems that require it.

Note: If overwriting a previous installation, you should delete your current config file so the new settings can take effect and then re-setup your input settings.

Main differences compared with official release:-
-This is a developer build containing numerous differences to the Release version including all recent changes that can potentially cause stability and movie/game breaking issues. There are also new features and fixes to test.

-QuickNES core is disabled by default in this version. All nes roms will use Neshawk which is infinatly better at the cost of performance on low end computers.

-Movie files save to disk instead of being stored in memory by default. This is to avoid running out of memory for really large 5 hour and upwards longplays.

[big] Bizhawk 01-08-2016[/big]

After clicking the link, just click the download arrow at the top of the page to fetch the file. Big edition to this update are numerous graphical fixes in the Atari 2600 emulation and Nes Emulation. If you know of any games that were glitch or non working before, please try this update and report any positive changes.

[big] Bizhawk 64bit 01-08-2016[/big]

It is a new 64bit build for supporting longer movies without crashing and large save state support (fixes mega cd recording) and can malfunction or it can work fantastically well. Note as Bizhawk makes the transition to becoming a 64bit emu there will be some disruption along the way. Now Genesis is only supported in the 64bit build due to the new savestate changes that allow segacd to have reliable movie recording. Some cores are not yet ported to 64bit including snes so you may need to have both builds available when using specific cores.
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