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Hello. Today I'll start recording GTA SA on PC.
It will be in 720p 60FPS.
I was recording it the first time on 1080p 60FPS, then on 720p 30FPS and now on 720p 60FPS so now I hope it is ok now...... :D

At som parts of the longplay I must use in-game frame limiter that limits FPS to 30 because of some glitches that 30+FPS causing.
But I force myself to reduce these parts as much as I can.

30FPS limiter used so far :

Mission Amphibious Assault

For those who dunno what is this mission about, it is about to get to a ship and you have to swim to it while sea between you an the ship is guarded by few boats with bad guys on them with AK47's so youhave to swim underwater to avoid them, in this part I had to turn limiter on, because otherwise it would take me very long time to get to the ship and it would be very risky cause of these bad guys. This part take just 1 minute or so (maybe less that that) and once I get on the ship I turn it off so the game runs at 60FPS again.
When I'm done on a ship I have to jump back in the water and swim back on the land so during swimming I turned on limiter again and again once I get on the land I turn it off again (so again just few seconds game runs on 30FPS).

How does that slow swimming glitch looks like ? See for yourself :

Mission Back to school (1 test)

In the driving school there is 1 test where you have to drivewith your car on 2 wheels and drive to the checkpoint where you have to stop. To earn gold medal on the test you have to be correctly headed and positioned and have 0% damage. Fo some reason with 60FPS I always damaged the car somehow so I turned on limiter and get gold medal and turn limiter off again. So just about up to 10 seconds game runs on 30FPS.

Mission Cesar Vialpando and Beach Party

There are some missions where is some kind of "minigame". It these minigames you have to press right buttons in right time to earn points. In Cesar Vialpado it is "dancing" with car and in Beach Party is just normal dancing. These minigames are automatically limited to 30FPS (because they probably dont work properly with higher FPS). 30FPS is just and only for those minigames. So whole mission is at 60FPS, but minigames are on 30FPS, once is minigame complete, it gets back on 60FPS.

And thats all so far. So just about 4 minutes of longplay is game limited to 30FPS.
So just 0.381% of longplay is game limited on 30FPS.

Longplay is nearly done. Just need a little more space on HDD, so as soon as my new HDDs arrive, I'll finish the game (just last 2 missions). 30FPS limiter wasnt used anywhere else that at places that are described up.
I'd like to see at least one scene in that longplay of you getting Wasted and at least one scene of you getting Busted.
Ok. No problem :D
you should do it in 720p instead, and when i was playing through the game on PC it ran at 26 fps but i had to turn vsync off i think to make it run at 60 the whole time
If I can't be the best then I certainly won't be the worst.
Well, I have over 6 hours recorded already. Steam version have 1080p option and at some places it must run at 26FPS, but there is not much of these places so atleast 99% of the time it will run at 60FPS.
just because it has a 1080p option doesnt mean it should be done in 1080p, we usually use the console version as a reference to what the resolution is and the current console version for the game in HD is on ps3 and xbox 360 and those consoles output to 720p for mostly everything so i suggest doing the same for the pc version as well. especially for a game like this where the actual graphics isnt updated but the resolution is then just play it in 720p
If I can't be the best then I certainly won't be the worst.


just because it has a 1080p option doesnt mean it should be done in 1080p

Ye, but why record it in lower quality when it can be recorded in higher quality ?


just play it in 720p

Ok. And is that absolutely neccessary ? I mean, I'll have to replay the whole game. Cant I just resize it in avs script ?
resizing in the avs script isnt allowed, you can ask schlauchi if you would be allowed to do the game in 1080p but he will most likely say to redo it in 720p
If I can't be the best then I certainly won't be the worst.
Ok then.
if you play in a widescreen resolution, make sure its not streched! even if the game has widescreen resolutions in the menu, in some games its actually a 4:3 resolution stretched in 16:9. i dont know exactly about this game, but from the picture you posted it looks streched (at least to me). also, the hud is clearly streched. i would suggest using a widescreen patch of sorts. read here for more if you want:
also, i think there is a fix for 60 fps to run without glitches, but im not sure, i know gta 3 had one.
Thanks. I'll use it.
I'll record at 720p 30FPS (when 60FPS causes glitches and bugs and physics glitches etc...). I didnt find some 60FPs fix for that.

After the widescreen fix, vehicle fix, texture fix, map fix and 720p :

So lets do again these nervous parts of the game... hoooray!


Okay, recording is done, now just encode it. I'm gonna split it to 8 parts + 9th final part (2h 30m every part).
21 hours in total.
not sure if it would get accepted since you recorded the game in 30 fps. i had no problem playing this game in 60 fps constantly. i got about 1/4 through this game before getting bored but i know for sure it was 60 fps constant on my pc
If I can't be the best then I certainly won't be the worst.
This game should be done in 60fps on PC!
30fps is only accepted when you record the PS2 version!
Okay, I'll re-record it.
i7-4790k 4GHz
GTX 980 4GB
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