Visual Boy Advanced Recording

Last updated on 8 years ago
Hey! New to doing Longplays and recording gameplay in general and I ran into a little trouble. I was using the Visual Boy Advanced to emulate as well as record and everything went ok until I checked the playback.

I recorded around 40 minutes, luckily it was mostly for testing purposes, and the first 8 minutes and 45 seconds look like this( After investigating the footage a little bit it looks like the 9(ish) minutes all messed up are from the end of the recording and the 9 from the beginning are non-existent. What's even stranger is the 9 minutes all garbled up at the start are at the end as well, but just fine. I also ran a few test runs before this (Each only a minute or two) and they played back just fine.

So, my theory is, the Virtual boy can record up to 30 minutes before it starts overwriting the footage its recording and that causes the parts it overwrote to become corrupt and do that. Did anyone else run into this problem and is able to help me out?
Quick answer is just use Bizhawk emulator, it does most of the older systems.

Long answer is, if you just have to use vba, make sure you record with a lossless codec such as lagarith and don't have any strange filtering enabled.
I could say the same too. If you use Visual Boy Advance, I suggest to record games with the Lagarith Lossless Codec (recommended).
Or even better: Bizhawk in the latest version.

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