Request for Radiant Historia longplay

Last updated on 8 years ago
Platform: Nintendo DS (original/lite/i)

- Game itself is rare and pricey to find
- The two playthroughs that exist are cut into many parts and have commentary, which I'm not fond of
- It's supposedly almost as good as Chrono Trigger/Cross
- Produced by Atlus and the people who worked on Persona 4 and other Megami Tensei games

I've wanted to go into the game pretty blind but from what I know of, it's a game which incorporates time travel and parallel universes, allowing you to go back and forth in time and make many changes.

UPON FURTHER RESEARCH (potential spoilers in the next paragraph)

You play as Stocke, the owner of the White Chronicle which has the power to go through time and between timelines. The world is set in a war-torn land where the greed of certain individuals has resulted in the lands' resources being sucked dry. If the world continues the way it does, then it will devolve to a world of deserts - which is where Stocke's story comes into play. Through his many missions he has the potential to save the world.

I can understand why people don't make playthroughs due to the many branches which the game's direction can take but they all coalesce at the same point towards the end to give three endings.

end of spoilers

I really, really would love to watch a play through of this game. Thanks.
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