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Sup y'all,

Ok, so I have an issue with video encoding related to file size. I followed the local guidelines to the T, downloaded the local preset and changed nothing on it, and I proceeded to use it to encode the Dreamfall Chapters longplay. It met my expectations, with 3hr files averaging at 6 gigs.

But then, using the exact same settings, I encoded the first 2hr part of Shadow Warrior - not only it took three times as long, the result file size was nearly 20 gigs. So, for the next two hours I experimented with this 2min clip and came to the conclusion that the only way I can drop it to a more stomachable size would be by significantly sacrificing picture quality - as in changing the const. quality from 21 to something higher. At 25 the filesize would be more reasonable, but the video would have a fair lot of blurriness, as well as very visible pixelation in darker spots. However, keeping the CQ at 21 and changing the preset to Medium instead of Very Slow, I still get a good quality, the encoding process is four times as fast, but the file size is still pretty big (18 gigs per 3 hours).

So I wanted to ask, are there any settings I could meddle with that perhaps aren't documented in the support section? And if so, are there any plans for having the support section updated? I think it might help, if there indeed is more to encoding vids in meGUI. Basically, any way I could maintain the quality - avoid blurriness and pixelation - while keeping the file size more reasonable?

Thank you and kind regards,

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I'm not sure if you had the same issue as I did, but when I did my first encode for Medal of Honor Airborne, it was 20gb when it should've been a little less than half of that. Apparently I had a command line to double its resolution in the AVS script. Final output was 2560x1440 instead of 1280x720. So I removed this:

PointResize (width *2, Height *2)

What resolution are you recording Shadow Warrior in?
Is Shadow Warrior outputting in the correct resolution?

The presets for meGui should be fine. Anything above 22 will generally be more noticeable.
Hm, interesting, I'll certainly look into that once I'm home, thanks! Though I doubt that's it, like I said I didn't change the settings at all from encoding Dreamfall and those vids are just as they should be. :|
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Nope, that wasn't it. In fact I didn't even have PointResize in the script. With it, the 2min clip would apparently climb up under 1 gig...

EDIT: Ok, Got a 2min video clip which is nearly 300mb. These are the settings I used:

Vid details:

Then I used to exact same settings to encode a 2min clip of Dreamfall, which resulted in a 68mb file. So I suppose it's just something about frenetic, colorful first person shooters...

In any case, any thoughts? Any way I can stick to CQ 21-22 as to avoid blurriness and pixelation while also avoiding the situation of having 10 gigs per one hour of files? Anyone here perhaps willing to share their settings when it comes to fps games with a lot of constant motion?
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Recording at 720p might cut the filesize in half! And using Very Slow profile will help as well
Very Slow is what I used in the first place, resluting in a 2hr clip encoding for 20 hours, resulting in a 20 gigs file.

As for the resolution, I'd prefer the game to look nice while I play it as well. :P

I mean, if the big file size wouldn't be an issue during submission, then I'll just go ahead with it.
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Hello HolyMeatball!

File size don't matter, the only thing that do matter is the picture and sound quality, that's all. :D
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Dreamfall is slow point and click adventure in which to take in count everything that happens on screen is much easier for encoder to put in a smaller file size, in other case if you encode any different type of game, it won't meet the same size with the same time duration because if the game is more complex than the thing that is going on in a video will result in a bigger file than it will in a different game, meaning every game is different. Hope it makes sense to you. Also if a game is modern and good looking you can always lover the quality settings because it won't be that noticable. No need to use same quality settings for every game, you can always tell judging by the eye. Best way is to cut the minute of the video and encode it under different quality standards and then compare what is best, and sizewise acceptable.
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