3x3 Eyes: Juuma Houkan (SNES)

Last updated on 7 years ago
Moon Goat
A classic Japanese side-scrolling adventure game based on the manga. Platform is SNES.
Finished recording it (both endings), it needs to be encoded so I'll upload to youtube in a few days.
here to send the video to the ftp https://filezilla-project.org/downloa...ype=client
server: cassiopeia.solit.se
username: upload
password: upload
I apologize for this taking so long, I had some major computer trouble.
Anyways, I'm finishing adding the signature so I can upload to the server, but both videos are available on YouTube right now.

The third stage and credits change depending on whether or not you fight Sharia and Miria.

Ending 1:

Ending 2:
You had in the video forget the "www.longplays.org".
I thought that was required in the signature when I upload to the server?
I'm uploading without "www.long plays.org" in the signatures. If this fails I'll add upload the version currently encoding.
You need www.longplays.com in your signature, Fudgy.

Mariofan is not an English native speaker, he meant you don't have it on your YT videos.
Oh, okay. I'll reupload to the server when finished.
it's .org, not .com as I have written yesterday.

You have a bunch of cool longplays on your channel. Like this one:


If you don't have a specific reason not to, why notupload em for longplays.org ?
My previous hard disk failed, I do although have that specific game on an external drive, but it takes a day or so to encode because its so long. What would be a good way to break it into parts, maybe 3 hours each? Also for encoding in parts do I place the subtile at the start of each part?
Well you can submit it as a whole 9 hour but 3 parts is also fine, it's up to you. You only have to put the subtitle on the first part.

Also when you're done put the submission info here (also for 3x3 eyes):

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