River City Ransom Underground

Last updated on 7 years ago
Hello. To anyone who is a longplayer, I would like a request of a longplayer of a game that is available on Steam for PC: River City Ransom Underground.


For those who aren't aware of its legendary prequel, River City Ransom, it is a side-scrolling beat'em up with some RPG elements. Here is some gameplay of River City Ransom Underground:


If it's at all possible, I would like a complete, 100% longplay of it. Also, if it's possible, that you could do a co-op of it.
We'll look into it.
Okay! Thank you so much, Valis! :D
Already practicing it currently.
Jag will see to it then
This game is a grindy grind, that is for sure. And apparently there are issues with saving games in multiplayer as of release where it will delete your saved game file on random.
Ah. Well, in that case, please do a solo longplay, please. And if you can, could you showcase all the characters? Sorry to make it a hassle.
Not entirely sure how I'll pull that off Tray. There is a lot of grinding to get money for each character so I'm trying to see if I can have them maxed out and go through the story or if I have to do it the long way.
Ah, okay. Do whatever you can. If you can do a complete longplay of the game, I'll be satisfied with just that.
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