Why are long WoLP longplays split into serveral parts on YouTube?

Last updated on 5 years ago

I thought it would make more sense to not split the longplays into several parts since that kinda screws up the whole point of voting and commenting on them on YouTube as then the votes and comments are split onto several videos too, making interacting with the the video and viewerbase more difficult, not to mention trying to get accurate data about view numbers and votes etc. I bet that using singular videos would even rack up a higher view count on the counter, which in turn would gain the channel even more popularity and ad revenue.

I know that at first glance it would seem logical to split themn into parts as one might argue someting like that it's much easier to browse through the video and find the spot where you left off in the case you didn't finish the longplay in one sitting, but the reality of the matter is that YouTube saves your progress. Furthermore, you can put timed links into the video description if you absolutely want to segment the longplay, which in my opinion would be a way better solution as it enables you to make more detailed divisions, e.g. if the game itself is split into several chapters, you can make a marker for each one.

I guess one solid counter argument would be that it takes too long to upload them as a single video. I don't know how much time a 30h video would take to upload, but it can't be THAT bad since they are in single segment on the WoLP sever too.

The reason for the splittage wasn't explained in the FAQ so I tought I'd post my question here instead, in the guise of a suggestion.
Usually file size is a big factor for splitting videos. Video length not so much. Larger file have a higher chance of an upload error due to a random disconnection for instance and resume feature doesn't always work. Then there is the risk factor of the larger/longer video processing properly and sometimes getting stuck at 240p

While I much prefer Single files for simplicity, file can be split where it makes sense to, like a chapter change. I don't like it being right in the middle of gameplay. If you look at any split video on our ytube channel, it is usually only the first and last file that's gets views as most viewers just want to see the intro and ending.

I do add time stamps to the descriptions where appropriate in my videos and would of course like for all other longplayers to do the same. It allows the play through to also double as a walkthrough along side a guide if you can point out where specific story / chapters / levels are in the video.
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