two oldies, but goodies

Last updated on 5 years ago
The first one is called In pursuit of greed, a shooter from 1995. It has an history being the single game softdisk tried to release to cash in what they can from id software doom craze, well, they failed and went defunct. It was considered another doom clone. On the other hand, some people, including me, remember the game because of the off beat second half environments and somewhat odd second half enemies and the overall uncharacteristic item system, not to mention cool music by necros. The game is hard because it was more toward multiplayer therefore it respawns enemies endlessly and in later levels i remember it respawned so much it got crushed upon itself.

here are links:

from the website of the developer

some youtube footage:

The second game is called Zyclunt (for the demo, i think) and Bade Warrior (for the full version, i think). It is from 1995-1996, or somewhere in this year range. It was made by a korean company named phantagram,
their first commercial game. It is an anime style arcade game where you pretty much beat your enemies with your sword. The footage in youtube is not good but...

gameplay footage:


I request this two games for nostalgia sake, but also, i believe no one gonna upload full long plays of these two if i will not request that here. Nobody had until now, probably those games are too obscure or something.

Anybody up to the challenge?
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