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Last updated on 9 months ago
A lot of longplay videos are quite long (duh) and searching for a specific level can be annoying. For example if you want to see how to solve the hard part of a certain level in a three hour video. So would it be possible to somehow add sections or chapters to the videos?

On youtube it's really easy to add this, simply by adding time markings in the description. See this video as an example, and notice the sections in the time progress bar at the bottom of the video.

So for example this Operation Wolf video, if you paste the text below somewhere in the video description (for example at the end)

00:00 intro
01:06 Level 1 Communication
02:47 Level 2 Jungle
04:35 random fight
05:10 Level 3 Ammo dump
06:32 Level 4 Village
07:53 Level 5 Prison camp
09:43 Level 6 Airport
11:16 Successful getaway

.. then Youtube will automatically divide the timebar into sections with those descriptions.
Just noticed that some videos do already have chapters in the description, like this Soviet Strike PS1 video. Would be cool if more videos have this.
For some reason youtube hasn't implemented that for everybody to see the chapters in the progress bar, i dont see it when i watch videos when im logged in my own account, but when I'm logged into the wol account i see it
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