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Last updated on 4 years ago
Hi, I'm a fan of Mario games! I'm new to World of Longplays, and love downloading longplays from here!
There are some longplays that I would love to see here:

Super Mario Bros. - All levels; current one with bad audio :(

Super Mario World - All exits; current one with bad audio :(

Super Mario Advace 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 - 100%, would love to see E-reader world (maybe play on virtual console)

New Super Mario Bros. U - singleplayer, 5 stars, would be best if it was the switch version; current one - 2 players

Super Mario 3d World - single player, 100% except no need for replaying level with different characters; current one also 2 players

Also, when will Super Mario Maker 2 get out of the 'Pending' category?
Welcome to WoL lanxtot!

I cant speak for the older LP's of the Mario games but the newer ones i have done along with my best friend. Is there a particular reason why you want to see singleplayer in Bros. U and 3D World when as far as i know theres no distinct difference between single/coop?

We might be planning on redoing our Super Mario Bros. U LP on the switch this summer but this one will also be 2P.

The reason why Super Mario Maker is still pending is because we currently have some issues submitting our longplays via FTP because has some issues at the moment(most likely due to the corona situation around the world at least that's what i think).
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I will replace my Super Mario World Longplay :)


ScHlAuChi wrote:

I will replace my Super Mario World Longplay :)

Good idea, that longplay is already 11 years old ;)
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