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I'd like to make some new longplays and I noticed fraps doesn't capture DX12 games so I started looking for some new software to capture lossless video.

I tried several of them:


+Lossless recording.
+Multiple functions.
+Real time preview of recorded footage.

-Duplicates frames when recording lossless.
-You can't choose codec to record lossless videos with.
-For lossless recording it's unreliable.

Nvidia Shadowplay

+Even tho it's not lossless, image quality looks very good.
+Easy to use, easy to set.

-It duplicates frames.
-Does not have lossless option.
-MP4 only output.


+Very good software - even tho it's been about 8 years since last update.
+Lossless recording, easy to use.
+Does NOT duplicate frames.

-If you run on Windows 10 and have more than one monitor, the recordng is just black screen with audio. Making just one monitor you primary and only one solves this problem.
-Does not support DX12 games and many newer games.
-You can't set your lossless codec.


+I find this to be the best alternative for fraps. Yet.
+During recording, it offers real-time info like current bitrate, current video file size, notification if your hard drive/cpu/gpu can't keep up etc....
+You can set codec.
+Does NOT duplicate frames.

-Many games crash when you try to run them AFTER running DxTory.
-Possible audio/video synchronization problems.
-It won't record newer OpenGL games.
-DxTory did not get update for more then a year. I consider it abandoned, yet still very good recording software.


+This I tried recently and it does record in lossless quality.
+You can set codec.
+As far as I know, does NOT duplicate frames.
+Last updated around 14 days ago.

-Did not find any. Yet.

The lossless codec I use is UtVideo YUV420 BT.709 VCM 64bit
What software do you use? Would you recommend some of these I mentioned? Or maybe completely different one?
Thank you.
What are your pc specs, it might explain why OBS gives duplicate frames for you when recording lossless if your setup isn't up to spec, like having a fast enough SSD
Ryzen 7 5800X
RTX 3090

But I didn't try to save it on SSD. I'll give it a shot.
A SATA SSD might not be fast enough on its own tho, I would suggest either an NVMe or doing 2 SSDs in raid 0
So I tried it but it doesn't matter if I save it on HDD or SSD (I tried it with NVMe SSD 4GB/s write speed).

It duplicates frames when I record in lossless. I found out it uses GPU for that and that's probably the reason. It duplicates frames the same way when I record with Shadowplay as well.

But if I record in x264, so it is using CPU for encoding, the video looks much smoother. Maybe it's not even duplicating frames. But of course, it's not in lossless quality.

I did a sample vid with both settings.
I'm testing out bandicam right now, wouldn't we use UtVideo YUV444 BT.709? Isn't it for the chroma subsampling and we should use the highest possible
I used YUV420 because it was recommended in the video I watched about DxTory. But 444 looks much better. I'll try it Smile
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