Stellar Assault SS

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Saturn
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Publication Date: 12/08/2017
YouTube Release: 17/01/2021
Duration: 01:51:17
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Player's Review

You may have seen Stella Assault on the 32x. This is a much upgraded version for the Sega Saturn released only in Japan in 1998. The game has a very lengthily story and unfortunately it is all in Japanese with no subtitles. the game annoyingly has a limited viewport wasting most of the screen resolution but I guess this was done to keep the framerate up.

Its a shame this did not get localised and released in the west as the game is pretty good as far as space combat games go. Like the first game you get the choice of two ships. This time they are not so different as they both have extra shields and both have limited energy that is replenished every level. The difference lies in there weaponry. To keep things simply I used Feather02 which has strong weapons which tare through anything with ease at the expense of much higher energy usage.

I let the attract sequence play out which shows Feather01 in action. I then proceed onto the story missions. The mission briefings and story elements are often far longer than the game play parts apart from the final mission which takes a while.

00:00:00 Attract Sequence
00:07:35 Mission 1
00:14:40 Mission 2
00:19:25 Mission 3
00:24:55 Mission 4
00:30:50 Mission 5
00:37:20 Mission 6
00:42:40 Mission 7
00:46:00 Mission 8
00:50:18 Mission 9
00:52:55 Mission 10
00:55:48 Mission 11
01:04:55 Mission 12
01:10:12 Mission 13
01:15:28 Mission 14
01:18:03 Mission 15
01:24:14 Mission 16
01:32:12 Mission 17