Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

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Publication Date: 11/01/2020
YouTube Release: 01/10/2022
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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a platforming video game developed and published by Nintendo for the GameCube. It was released in Japan in December 2004, in Europe in February 2005, and in North America and Australia in March 2005. In 2008 and 2009, the game was re-released in the New Play Control! series of revamped GameCube titles. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat features the ape Donkey Kong and is played with the DK Bongos.

The Wii version of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is somewhat changed from the original GameCube version, including new levels, modifications of old levels, and traditional controls that have the player use the analog stick to move and the A button to jump, unlike the GameCube version which required the player to beat the bongos to do both. Takashi Nagasako, who previously did the voice of Ganondorf in The Legend of Zelda series, does the voice of Donkey Kong and has continued the role in the years that have followed.

I play this game casual for the first time complete so this longplay goes only to all normal kingdoms!