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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 500
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Publication Date: 27/02/2020
YouTube Release: 21/02/2021
Duration: 00:16:59
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Player's Review

As you might have noticed, I like to longplay series of games. Next up is going to be the RoboCop series (already did RoboCop 4 once, will link below).

This game has a shitty score, I read mostly negative reviews, as good ones was hard to find. "A shitty port of the Atari ST version", "That sampled speech on the title screen is hilarious. Nerdy, plummy voiced programmer & reverb effect", "An amateur production to capitalize fast from the movie", "Much harder than arcade version", "Bad graphics & scrolling", etc etc.

I personally don't find it too bad, and the title picture is really nice. I do prefer the C64 version tho.

Three floppy versions exist and I only had a quick look, and only differences I noticed going from the title screen to the first level was the way it loads. This version I longplayed (SPS 2066) has the title screen showing until it's finished loading the news thingy, but the other two just showed black instead and seemed to load for twice as long.

I preferred to use space to jump rather than down then up.

01:44 - This weapon sucks and I rather not pick it up, but doing it anyway to show it off so I don't have to pick it up again later. What sucks is the slow fire rate.

01:55 - Didn't destroy the boxes immediately because I wanted to show you can stand on the thingy above (I like to test stuff like this in games, to see what's possible, what others might not have tried).

02:24 - Shooting the guy to the right first, so I can be on the left side when I shoot the last guy as I want to be as far to the left as possible when the boss spawns. Funny how two enemies fell from the same window. But first I empty the ammo of the shitty weapon so I get the normal one back, which fires much faster. If I played this game normally without longplaying, I would not have picked up this 3-way shooter.

02:32 - Apparently a lot of people have a hard time understand what he's saying. "Thank you for your cooperation".

04:28 - I was curious to see if I could climb the ladder or something like that by jumping off the boxes, but of course couldn't. I was pretty sure that wouldn't be a thing, but I like to pretend to myself when exploring a game that the developers might have left a cheat up there or something anyway Smile. The attempt wasn't recorded as it didn't lead to anything.

15:04 - At this moment I noticed I only had 5 shots left of this weapon, and decided to make it to the boss with at least 3 shots left, so skipped killing everything the rest of the way, but had to use one more to take out the turret and droid/robot or they would maybe have killed me, so left with 4. But then decided to shoot the turret shortly after as well, now only 3 left. But then at 15:32, I accidentally shot when trying to punch. I could have loaded a save state, but too lazy, so rather try my luck. I made it to the boss and these two shots were enough to kill him. I checked someone else's playthrough of this game on YouTube, and seems it would take 6-8 bullets with the normal weapon to kill him (was hard to judge). But shooting 8 normal shots is almost; or just as fast as 2 with the weapon I used.

My RoboCop 4 longplay: