Armed 7 DX

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: Switch
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Publication Date: 28/07/2021
YouTube Release: 22/09/2022
Duration: 00:38:21
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Player's Review

Shmup by AstroPort.

Something about a robot and a super weapon? Iunno! THERE NO PLOT!

Same as the PC version: you choose a main weapon, a sub weapon, and a charge weapon and get to blasting! Defeat enemy fast to get higher multiplier. This version comes with a cleaner looking Armed Seven (DX), mainly graphics and HUD. Still the same game though! As a bonus, the original PC version is included...and it kinda isn't all that great: bottom of the screen is eaten up by the HUD, making it pretty hard to see what's on the bottom of the screen, like the tanks in stage 3 and the damn boats in Stage 4. If it eat the bottom of the screen, it would be a GOOD version!

This longplay plays both games or whatever on Normal difficulty while scuffin' it up!