Tetris Plus

A classic Tetris with a simple storyline.

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System: Arcade
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Publication Date: 03/05/2021
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Duration: 00:45:39
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Player's Review

This is arcade version of Tetris Plus.

Unlike consoles ports this version doesn't have Edit Mode and Option menu; as in many arcade games you can change parameters via dipswithes. I only set up "freeplay" mode.

This version has 3 difficulty levels in Puzzle Mode: easy (8 stages), standard (15 stages) and expert (16 stages). Each one has different ending. To get the best ending you must complete Puzzle Mode on expert difficulty. I finished all three of them.

I let professor die at 41:58 to reset bad RNG.

There is non-linear stage select system on standard difficulty.

To unlock an expert difficulty you need hold down Start button and rotate joystick clockwise 3 times.

In arcade version you play only Egypt stages. Music also sounds different.

Time codes:
00:28 - Demo mode/How to play
02:46 - Easy difficulty
09:00 - "Easy ending"
09:48 - Standard difficulty
22:02 - "Standard ending" + credits
23:28 - Expert difficulty
44:22 - "Expert ending" + credits