An NES port of an infamous Sid Meier's Pirates! on C64, whose title contains his name. It was developed by RARE and published by Ultra Games, Konami.

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System: Nintendo Entertainment System
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Publication Date: 21/07/2021
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Player's Review

A great port of the original Commodore 64's Sid Meier's Pirates!. this is one of the absolutely true open-world games that you can play however you want. In this longplay, I chose to play as a French Privateer in the era of War for Profit in the year of 1640, and I achieved a perfect score of 100 points in total. It is a crazy game that when I first played it, I had no idea what to do until I played it for the 5th time, when I realized that I had to declare war against Spanish, and try to marry a governor's daughter, rescue 4 members of the family, finding treasures, and of course, plunder Spain's goods. The gameplay is really slow-paced, however, but I personally think it obeys the real-world physics, which I had to give them credits for. The control is not bad, the soundtracks are charming. Many people thought it did not sound like Konami (since it's technically a Konami game), it was actually developed by RARE. The graphics is simple yet fantastic. There's no need for any fancy design of the sea unlike Twin Eagle, it only has a bit of wave animation, but it's still very easy to see the landmarks and your own ship. The fighting animation looks really cool as well. For those who are fans of real-time strategy games, I would strongly recommend this game, because I have had a lot of fun playing this. A very obscure gem that definitely needs more attention. Enjoy this longplay, as always!