Halo 2600

Halo 2600, developed by Ed Fries and released at Classic Gaming Expo 2010

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Atari 2600
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Additional Info: Homebrew
Publication Date: 27/07/2021
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Duration: 00:13:45
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Player's Review

HALO, one of the decade's most renowned video game franchises, has finally found a home on the Atari 2600! In this special version of HALO, you play the role of Master Chief as he battles his way through 64 screens! Locate weapons and power-ups that will help you defeat increasingly aggressive enemies! Watch for special Shield Power-ups that will give you a second chance when engaging an onslaught of Elites! Do you have what it takes to tackle the four different zones and infiltrate the Covenant base? Can you reach and defeat the final boss? Humanity is counting on you!"

A homebrew released long after the Atari's commercial life pushing the hardware to it's limits in only 4k. A deceptively simple looking game. Once you start, your first task is to find the gun, then the key and move onto the next zone. On the way you'll encounter multiple enemies that shoot first and ask questions later. Ideally you kill them first or move onto the next screen. Sometimes running is preferable to a fire fight. Sometimes a shield will drop which you can collect and absorb a single hit. With the key in hand, you can move freely to the next zone else a barrier will block your way.

In each zone, more enemies can be found which shoot faster and sometimes more than one at once. When we reach the ice zone a better gun and boots for faster movement can be found. These will certainly help when you reach the final boss who can fire in a wide arc and required multiple hits to take down. Once the game is beaten, the game starts over in Legendary mode which causes you to move and shoot at half the normal speed. This can become quite problematic and I shamelessly exploit a firing issue that allows be to fire faster to get through it.

Overall a very short but still a challenging experience that shows what can be done on the very limited hardware. The game also saw a limited boxed release on Cartridge to use on original hardware.

00:00:00 Normal Mode
00:05:38 Legendary Mode