Rally Cross 2

Rally Cross 2, developed by Idol Minds for 989 Studio and published by SCEA in 1998.

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Player's Review

"Experience power slides at 80 MPH through the high Sierras, cut through a stream to gain the edge on the pack or go head-to-head in the desert using suicide mode. It's high energy, adrenaline-pumping, rally cross racing!"

After the success? of the first game a sequel was quickly in the works. The first game was already a difficult and challenging game so the first thing to do was to make the next game even more difficult!. The game has a completely new physics model which allows the car to bounce around, flip over easier and take damage. Recovering is notably quicker not that that is much of a saving grace as any kind of crash will guarantee you last place. Like the original game presentation was seen as the least important aspect with no intro or outro and the credits have to be manually rolled.

The game does feature car customisation so that you can try to tailor the car to the event/track. However I left all settings default to show how the game behaves without touching anything. The games rubber banding is on another level where need for speed cant touch it. It doesn't matter what car you choose, the opponents will always seem to have a faster version of it and if you lose sight of them, they will race of putting out record lap times much like the first game. Winning at all requires keeping a close eye on the opposition and blocking at every opportunity. Don't try to bash them around as it will in most cases come out worse for you.

The first Season is straight forward. 6 races, 3 forward and 3 reverse. The veteran season adds 3 Survivor mode races and these are pretty much guaranteed losses. I think the best way to tackle these is to try to influence the final standings by making sure the opponent with second highest score by this point is your target for slowing down. Your unlikely to win but you can influence the final scores to win the season. The Pro season steps this up with 7 Suicide races. Be sure to do well in the 6 races and the same strategy for slowing the opposing leaders in suicide mode applies.

Overall, I did not find this an enjoyable game as even winning doesn't feel that rewarding. Crashing is heavily penalised and even though the ai crashes too, they tend to recover super quickly and belt off to meet a set laptime. Extra cars and tracks are unlocked as you win the seasons which can be used in other modes. The final two tracks are taken from the original game and I use these to show off the final two unlocked cars. However, these two tracks dont fit well with the new larger car models making it difficult to stay in the centre of the track.

00:00:00 Rookie Season (6 Races)
00:41:40 Veteran Season (6 Races, 3 Suicide)
01:52:55 Pro Season (6 Races, 7 Suicide)
03:20:15 Head On - Secret oasis unlocked
03:24:55 Head On - Secret Jungle unlocked
03:29:45 Credits