Snow White in Happily Ever After

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: Super Nintendo / Super Famicom
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Publication Date: 01/02/2023
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Duration: 02:00:52
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Player's Review

Plot: 'Players follow the continuation of Snow White after the death of her stepmother, the Evil Queen. The Queen's wizard brother Lord Maliss has vowed vengeance and changes Snow White's Prince Charming into a "Shadow Man" humanoid. An entire kingdom must also be freed from Maliss' sorcery. Players can play as either Snow White or her "Shadow Man" protector.'

This video includes two playthroughs, one with Snow White and another with Shadow Man (check timecodes for reference) where I also take advantage of the warp gates, accessible by pressing the Y button. There are no bonus levels and the ending is the same independently of the character chosen, this also applies to difficulty, considering I chose Hard for both playthroughs to be sure.

0:00:00 - Start
0:01:26 - The Forest, Part 1
0:06:20 - The Forest, Part 2
0:10:43 - Cloudland, Part 1
0:14:15 - Cloudland, Part 2
0:18:32 - Mother Nature, Part 1
0:25:24 - Mother Nature, Part 2
0:31:58 - Doom, Part 1
0:36:34 - Doom, Part 2
0:43:43 - Crystal Caves, Part 1
0:49:12 - Crystal Caves, Part 2
0:54:54 - The Mud River
0:57:13 - The Courtyard, Part 1
1:02:03 - The Courtyard, Part 2
1:06:06 - Maliss (final boss)
1:08:28 - Ending

1:09:14 - Shadow Man playthrough