Final Fantasy VII

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Author(s): RickyCRickyC
System: PC
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Publication Date: 08/08/2009
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Duration: 25:07:02
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Player's Review

PC vesion played wth a few mods.
- New cloud model in battle
- Higher resolution for 3d models/objects
- NPC model patch where the majority of the characters models are improved
- Improved models for aerith's and cloud's weapons.

Some problems..
-My game had a few audio problems where the sound would just cut out. I've had to add the audio myself to any major cutscenes that really needed it though. I thought it was due to the audio mod i had so just left the original midi music there but realised the problem still happened. It seems to happen more often later on where some sounds are just missing but nothing too major.

-Due to how i recorded it the menu, battle swirld and battle mini games run half the speed.
-The game runs with a black bar on the bottom for most scenes so i cropped it out. Though this also means the bottom of the menus are cut but everything else remains so no big deal.
- Controller was very sensitive so speed square and snowboarding just wasn't nice.

I tried to improve from the ps1 longplay by improving quality and just keeping the sound in sync. Ruby and Emerald battles will be added at the end. Also i tried for the most part to keep the text on screen longer so you can actually read it easier but some scenes i've noticed i've done it at times i had to replay parts due to the game crashing on me.

I raised a gold chocobo when controlling Tifa but cut the raising of it out because i had to reset so many times i got bored.

Without doing too much research i tried to get the yuffie date but failed. I thought being a bitch to Aerith and doing the Yuffie scene 4 times would be enough but Tifa got in there.

Download splitted in 4 parts.