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Publication Date: 04/04/2016
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Player's Review

Mario Party 2 is the sequel to the original Mario Party for the Nintendo 64. The objective is simple and similar to the previous Mario Party: obtain stars and defeat Bowser. This game introduces the first use of collectible items in Mario Party's history; the first game had items, but they simply added optional rules or game modes to the game. Each board has its own tricks and turns, and the playable characters, as well as Bowser, wear different outfits based on the theme of the board.

Battle, Item, and Duel minigames are introduced in Mario Party 2. Battle Minigames give every player a chance to win 70% of the stocked Jackpot taken from players (usually a set amount). The top two get a 70/30 share, while the bottom two get nothing; a leftover coin is given randomly. Additionally, players can no longer lose coins in normal minigames.

I had this game already longplayed 2013 but that was on Mupen64, now the 2nd recording is on BizHawk.

Mario Party 2 has unfortunately a minigame called "Abandon Ship" in this you cannot win no matter which difficulty the CPUs had so when this minigame comes i collect only the coins and let me resign themselves but one time i won this minigame with much luck. Thanks Nintendo and HUDSON SOFT for this bad minigame Sad But also in other minigames i fail.

I played all maps including the final map "Bowser Land" this time all with Mario.