Mr. Nutz

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System: Game Boy Advance
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Publication Date: 27/07/2017
YouTube Release: 14/05/2021
Duration: 01:54:47
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Player's Review

Mr. Blizzard is trying to take over the world by using his magic powers to turn it into a mass of ice. Mr. Nutz goes to stop him.

Mr. Nutz is a side scrolling 2D platformer video game published by Ocean Software. It was first released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in late 1993, in Europe. The Game Boy Advance port was released in 2001.

In some versions, the water stages were removed in the final version. The GBA port contains them as bonus stages. Personally, I think they just derail the game's progression. Maybe they would not be bad to have if they were all used for a separate level, but even then, they are not very good.

This port is really weird in some parts and it reminded me of the GBA port of Aero the Acro-Bat in how easy it is to break this game and to cause glitches in it. The easiest difference to notice is scaling in some objects like trees and platforms, which makes jumping on top of them way harder than in the original. Some secrets were removed from this game, and a few other places seem to have been changed as well. There are lots of minor differences as well, like the way enemies behave and react to attacks, and which enemies are vulnerable to which attacks. Also, the vision is too limited, and you always have to let the camera scroll first before going up, down or after a quick turn.

I tried to find all secrets and to collect all items in this longplay. However, the secret passage in Adventure Park journey 1 doesn't lead back into the main part of this stage like it does in other versions, and instead it is considered an alternative exit. Because of this, I had to choose between two exits from this level, and I went through the one that gives more coins. As a result, I didn't collect every coin in level 2, but the collected amount was still enough to grant me the bonus swimming stage for this level.