Backup FTP server now available!

Backup FTP server now available!Wow! That was fast! I think we can all give a (gentle) pat on the back to our friend [b]Connor[/b] here, who granted us access to his FTP server. Thanks a lot! Backup server: [b][/b] User: [b]upload[/b] Password: [b]upload[/b] Our [url=]upload page[/url] has also been updated with the new information. Now I know there's quite some backlog that's been piling up, but before you all start uploading your longplays at full speed, bringing the server to its knees, keep in mind that we will only start reviewing your submissions on monday, so take your time, you've got all week-end. If the upload speed drops, just pause and restart later. Let's be nice and try not to make Connor regret his bold move. Thanks in advance.
JonL April 07 2011 2,809 Print