Merry Xmas & Happy New Year everyone!

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year everyone!To all longplayers - as most of you have noticed, the Submission List is getting a bit messy. One reason for this is that people submit something and then never bother to update it. Because of this the Submission List has been updated with some auto-administration features that will remove old entries automatically.

The status of your longplay can be seen by the color of the [b]DATE[/b]!. If its white, all is fine, if its yellow or orange, it means you need to act and confirm that the entry is still active.
If you dont act in time, the entry will turn red and get [b]DELETED[/b]! See the picture below for more info Smile


The current date colors dont have any meaning, so ignore them, the system will be activated at the beginning of January!
ScHlAuChi December 28 2013 20,104 1 comment Print

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  • Spikestuff
    Well I better stop fucking up Point Blank then.
    - December 28 2013 10:34:42