Where are the viewers??

Where are the viewers??The site has been pretty quiet (dead?) lately with not much activity on the forums and little to no video comments at all. What needs to be done?The site has been pretty quiet (dead?) lately with not much activity on the forums and little to no video comments at all.

Since the site got hacked to bits, reassembled and moved, it has never been the same since. All the login / registration problems didn't help matters but now all that is far behind us what more can be done to get the site active again?

The shoutbox is probably the most active part of the site right now. Many videos are being downloaded, some hundreds of times but we never hear anything back Video comments are quite valuable to longplayers as the feedback can help decide how a longplayer might tackle a future game, or if there is an aspect more attention should have been paid to. The forums used to be very active with game discussions as well as requests.

So I put here to you the longplay downloaders / viewers. What more needs to be done to get you interested in using the site facilities? What can be added to the site to further improve it? Where did we all go wrong causing people to lose interest? We have a Site Suggestion section in the forum to add any ideas you may have or to mention any broken features that may need resolving.
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  • xRavenXP
    Well ... alright, its ok Spazbo4... is because the predominant language here is english but if all languages are accepted then there is no problem ...only really here all write in English even...
    - March 19 2015 17:57:09
  • J
    On some pages comments is switched off unfortunately. Maybe that's default setting for new LP's? just one of the reasons
    - April 12 2015 13:47:29
  • V
    thats what happans when you schedule longplay videos when it's not neededPfft
    - May 19 2015 14:28:40
  • H
    Site may be quiet a little. But dead? Not at all! I think mostly it's due to the effect of room where most people are silent. It's somewhat awkward to actually start saying something even if you want something to say in comment. On top of that not all people have record-ready systems/time/tech-skills and have harder time at proper participation in site's working. Also, I'm guessing, it would help if players would write what whey actually intended to accomplish (like 100% play, simple runthrough, ..., - especially for long games) along with remarks about game itself. So it's not because nobody's interested or something. People just get kind of shy Smile that's all.
    - July 06 2015 15:34:56
  • MrShadow
    i don't know what i can do,but since that i love this site,this comm. and the youtube's channel i'm going to spam it to my friends.
    - September 21 2015 09:54:02
  • L
    I just joined yesterday.
    - December 31 2015 11:34:31
  • P
    I could do a few, unfortunately I think they have already been done, Another World, Flashback, EOB 1 & 2 - maybe you simply have the best longplay site and database in existence? Surely all the pros reach a certain plateau of excellence?
    - July 09 2016 06:48:42
  • M
    Thanks for your informations !
    - October 25 2016 22:58:32