1 Million subscribers reached!

1 Million subscribers reached!We finally did it - we reached the big 1000000 milestone!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen:
All the longplayers who have been submitting videos!
All the emulator coders out there - we could'nt do what we do without your amazing work! for the creation of Bizhawk:
adelikat, alyosha, asnivor, feos, micro500, nattthebear, null_ptr, vecna, zeromus

Onwards to 10 Million Smile
ScHlAuChi November 30 2020 8,547 8 comments Print


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  • Ironclaw
    And the bigger one gets, the faster it accelerates. So 10M might only take twice as long as it took to get to 1M. But then again, maybe not, as the YouTube channel was created in 2006 (by me and hip), which is 14 years ago LOL, and back then we didn't try to grow, we just wanted a place to put our Amiga longplays/speedruns. So, maybe 10M in... 5 years from now?

    Anyway, GZ to 1M and to everyone involved!
    - December 01 2020 06:39:11
  • N
    Awesome job guys
    - December 26 2020 21:13:36
  • G
    Good Job ,GuysSmile
    - December 26 2020 22:31:51
  • V
    I'm glad to contribute to getting longplayers to join.
    - January 07 2021 13:15:00
  • P
    i will say one single word congrats
    - April 21 2021 10:46:58
  • S
    That's So Exciting That You've Got 1,000,000 Subscribers! Can I Be On Your 1,000,000 Subscriber Stream Please?
    - February 09 2022 07:04:45
    • Spazbo4
      you're a bit late, by over a year
      - February 10 2022 06:52:39
  • A
    You are great!!! Keep it up, to infinity and to the stars
    - April 18 2022 19:19:10