15 Years on Youtube

15 Years on Youtube
June 17th 2006 - June 17th 2021

15 years ago this channel was created to host a few Amiga longplays just for fun. Today we are close to 15000 videos! We have come a long way - but dont worry, we dont intend to stop!
Look forward to more longplays and new systems getting covered in the future Smile

See you all in 5 years on the 20th Anniversary Smile
Spazbo4 June 19 2021 9,217 2 comments Print


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    Hello. Thank you so much for continuing to make videos. I really enjoy watching you. I watch you before bed Smile
    - April 18 2022 19:18:21
  • S
    I make computer games, and I always come here when I do research. Keep up the awesome work!
    - October 28 2023 05:06:27