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Segafan7 years ago
Ok, but can u divide the video in 4 parts and leave the descriptions as I upload for the 4 games?
MadMatty7 years ago
@Segafan. You need only file one submission to cover all 4 games of that arcade cart as it will all go under one record.
grey177 years ago
Love to see Ghost Recon: Wildlands longplay as it got releasedSmile
Thegamer897 years ago
Request can you guys do Ridge Racer V PS2 longplay please for me Grin
ValisRetired7 years ago
SO YOU ADMIT IT! ^_^ to be fair i never bragged about being the first to do stuff....I do it to troll and have fun. So why it it a bad thing, Stupid? Ignorant bitch over here.
Spazbo47 years ago
you're one to talk
ValisRetired7 years ago
we know mario we know. And Spaz, we all know you just wanna be the first to do a long play of switch games so no need to brag. >_>
228157 years ago
Dudes and dudettes, maybe I am posting it at a wrong place, I just see that people have alive discussion here. I am looking for someone with an experience of running an AFFILIATE WEBSITES? I made so
Spazbo47 years ago
yes it is, and i got my copy of zelda for it already but my switch is coming in the mail on monday so i have to wait 3 days Sad
Mariofan987 years ago
The Nintendo Switch is out now!!!
MadMatty7 years ago
@RavenXP To Speed things up, Dont't bother with separate ytube encodes, we don't use them Wink
xRavenXP7 years ago
...from the university, which causes me to take time to launch the long videos. But I'll send it for sure, just wait a little longer and these videos will be released for sure.
xRavenXP7 years ago
@resrer I've finished recording and I have the Xenogears and Earthbound videos completely ready to be sent. The problem is that the internet connection from my home is very slow and I need to send
Darius3207 years ago
I wonder what is the next longplay I should be doing.
resrer7 years ago
Can I just say that I am super excited for the Xenogears longplay? Grin @xRavenXP
226607 years ago
I am new to world of long plays .
Spazbo47 years ago
so you say 1080p but then you put a crt filter on it... I don't understand the reasoning for this
UKMikey7 years ago
erm... are those DKC videos made by filming a CRT screen?!
ScHlAuChi7 years ago
1080p is not the original resolution for that game, so theres not much point recording it in that size (only makes the video larger)
Kepala Monyet
Kepala Monyet7 years ago
Donkey Kong Country Longplays.