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Frederikct1124 years ago
Please make a request on our forums than here in the shoutbox.
Merinted4 years ago
Hey, could someone do a longplay of Diddy Kong Racing DS?
Isaacmorales9144 years ago
Let's do all 10 XD Dark Ride games
KAGE-0084 years ago
Now my encoding queue should be less cluttered, still working on it though.
Frederikct1124 years ago
Please make a request on our forums than here in the shoutbox.
luedog90004 years ago
can someone do a longplay Resident Evil: Code Verionca X please thank you
077222qwertyuiop4 years ago
Salam alaikum. We want you to publish a video about the game Alundra 2 On the PlayStation 1 I hope you will also play the game 100% with open boxes and everything
xRavenXP4 years ago
@BioRidley: Go to chat and our team will explain how to record your videos and upload them.
BioRidley4 years ago
I do longplays on my YouTube channel called BioRidley. Would love to submit for WOL sometime. Check my channel out! I also do boss battles.
Nothing to say4 years ago
My name is Hiking C. Blackwell I'm a longplayer as well, how do I credit the site? I would like to use some of the world of longplays footage my channel name is Hiking Longplays search it up.
KAGE-0084 years ago
New schedule: Three weekly longplays on Monday, during the rest of this year.
kazamiyuka4 years ago
gba 3 wwe game no body have make longplay
Linux Longplays
Linux Longplays4 years ago
Hi all Smile I have a new longplay of Freespace up on my channel, using some of the latest enhancements and in 60 FPS. Check it out @
MadMatty4 years ago
I am uploading them now.
WWECLMAN4 years ago
Is there anything else that I can do?
HolyMeatball4 years ago
longplay on the submission page. You might wanna do that, I don't think anyone from the higher ups has a ping letting them know somrthing got uploaded. Smile
HolyMeatball4 years ago
Yes, it takes time to verify the longplay, look at the submitted longplays at the bottom of the submission page, can take months. EDIT: Actually, I see you still haven't created an entry for your
WWECLMAN4 years ago
I used filezilla to transfer my video game videos, and they are still not submitted into this site.
Amico_Game4 years ago
hello friends, what games do you like and people like to see?
Jackic4 years ago
@TheVandal172 Oh i see that the Goemon's Great Adventure N64 longplay was 2 player.